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Donald J. Trump

Imagine the President as your key note speaker, roasting your best friend or wishing someone a happy birthday! This Trump trumps the real Trump. 

Sanjay Prodeep

Sanjay is in charge of your Unemployment Insurance and needless to say, he is overworked. He doesn't even have time for much, but he will make time for you!

Bethany Beth-Bethany

Bethany is a medium slash psychic! Unfortunately her fortunes almost never come true, but she is fortunate to have daddy's money. 

Jorge Esposito

Gangster gone good. He has given up his gang banging ways, to be a volunteer clown. 

Stevie Stevenson

Stevie is obviously straight. While juggling is his job, it's who he is. Careful ladies, he is back on the market. 

Selma Salmonella

Selma is a life coach who will give you the unfiltered truth. Is it advice or is it a roast?

Igor Mycrotchyitch

Igor lives in a one-story walk down with his mother in Brooklyn. He learned English from MTV and loves the ladies as much as Vanilla Ice. 

Ben Zona

Former lieutenant in the Israeli army, now owns a bakery called "Al Quater". He will bake your muffins while bragging about his famous wife Chach-Chach Chamor 

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